"Virginity Is Overrated": Quote Non-Virgins Use To Console Themselves

"Virginity Is Overrated": Quote Non-Virgins Use To Console Themselves

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Who says virgins no go make heaven,that one na mumu talk.

Virginity is never overrated and can never be,all you non-virgins should come to terms with reality and stop pulling wool over your eyes.

We virgins(the holy ones) didn't force you guys to lose your virginity on the altar of pleasure so why are you guys atagonizing we virgins.

Abi e dey pain una because we no be like una.

Enough of this childish tantrums and nitwitism from you guys a.k.a second hand.

We won't tolerate and allow this nonsense talks about been a virgin na waste of time to fester any longer.

All non-virgins that are fond of insulting virgins can go to hell and burn to ashes for all we care because we can never ever condescend to your levels of living that immoral and shameless lives you are all living in the guise of been a secondary virgin

You non-virgins should deal with it.

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