Shehu Sani Removes His Belt To Serve As Mace After It Was Stolen

Shehu Sani’s Belt Replaces Stolen Maze as Senate Continues Proceeding
The senators have refused to adjourn sitting, as Senator Shehu Sani representing Kaduna Central removed his belt from his waist and laid on the table to serve as mace.
Completely shocked by the invasion of the Senate during sitting and the theft of the mace, senators deliberated on whether to adjourn sitting or not but Senator Sani and others insisted that deliberations must continue
In an official tweet minutes after the madness, Senator Sani stated:
”The Senate invaded. Mace taken away. Deliberations on whether to adjoined or not. I and others insisted that the senate must not adjoin. I removed my waist Belt and lay to serve as a mace for us to continue, My colleagues seconded. Then a spare mace brought in and the session continued. Good Drivers are not known when the road is smooth.”

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