President Buhari And The Lazy Youth - Seyi Law Reacts

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It is a thing of joy that more people are becoming politically aware in Nigeria, but it is sad a lot of these awareness has created a huge number of political commentators due to the ineffectiveness and incompetence of the Government. Political and economic blunders are been committed daily by the government that seem to be more comfortable speaking about and against its citizens outside the country than within. Effective communication is key to building a better relationship between the Government and its people. When a Government fails or try to shut down the voice of its citizens or try hard to justify its constant mistake, it becomes a big problem.
Let's look at the President's recent utterance at the detriment of the highest percentage of the country's population on who's votes he rode to power. While the outrage continues on his choice of words in describing, generalizing and downplaying the efforts of this group that majority rose from the inepititude of his generation to create a better environment for themselves despite the suffocation of several government policies is little compare to the lack of comprehension of the President on the questions asked him.
How do we justify the fact that the President derailed from the question asked him to shutting down potential investments opportunity that could benefit the willing and available percentage of this population? How do you even begin to think that the quest for better or free education, good healthcare and housing, a sense of entitlement? If you are one of those who is trying to justify his blunder, you need psychiatric evaluation.
It speaks some much on the stupidity of the older generations and those that have ruled, governed and are governing us that a lot of your suppose human resources are not educated and should be a thing of same coming from the President of the country. I do hope that the lack of education among the citizens that many of them have used as an easy ride to power would end some day soon so we can a better and more effective people in power.
Some of the defenders of foolishness even try to defend it with he didn't say lazy when you can easily google and search for what, "sit down

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