Infidelity – Reasons Why Many Married Men Cheat

Infidelity – Reasons Why Many Married Men Cheat

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One of the major reasons why we have a large number of divorced marriage and crash relationship is owing to high rates of infidelity among couples.

Infidelity is an act carried out by one or both couples in terms of sexual activities.

When described in terms of marriage, infidelity can be liken to Adultery, cheating etc.

Infidelity in most cases breeds jealousy, mistrust, hatred and dampen the image of the partner involved.

It should be noted that there is bound to be a rise to have sexual relationship outside marriage but what will hinder it from happening is the self control and willpower from both sides.

In most cases, men are always the culprit of infidelity and cheating.

For men, it is not about the beauty of their wives.

Because in some cases some men are very fortunate to get married to beautiful wives.

The beautiful wives may have the ‘front side’ and ‘back side’ in moderate size but men will still men.

The case of American celebrity couple, Rapper Jay Z and Beyonce comes to mind.

Despite, How beautiful Beyonce is, Jay Z disclosed he had cheated on her.

Now, the main question is why do many married men cheat?

Below are some of the reasons:

1. Sexual Dissatisfaction: One of the reason most men claim push them to cheating is because of sexual dissatisfaction.

They opine that their wives are not satisfying them sexually and they had no option than to look elsewhere.

2. Breakdown in communication link: A poor flow of communication in the family can make either of the two sides seek succour outside marriage.

Once there is a gap in communication link, most men tends to look outside.

3. Insecurities: Many men fear old age, most times they believe the women and themselves are aging fast.

And really no one wants to get old but whether we like it or not, it is inevitable.

Because of fear of getting old, most men turn to young ladies to supposedly ‘renew’ their aging blood.

4. Most men are polygamous in nature: This is one point most men who engage in cheating bounce on.

In fact men are polygamous in nature but it takes being faithful, self control and willpower to combat infidelity.
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