How we were been tortured in okwuzu sars

The name called Csp James Nwafor, is the former legendary Killer of Igbo youths at Awkuzu Sars, Anambra state of Nigeria. He is a NIgerian equivalent of Malam Mugu , the late Idi Amin of Uganda killing machine. He killed Igbo youths at will and labelled them armed robbers, kidnappers or Massob members depending on the money involved.
As once an inmate of the dungeon that was under his control, I witnessed the following crimes of Csp James Nwafor.
1. Summary execution of 17 Igbo youths that were called out from the hell called cell 5. One of the executed Igbo youth was a second year Engineering student of Futo , an only son of a late father whose rich uncle labelled a kidnapper over a land tussle. This was on the night of August 3rd 2013.
2. I witnessed his shooting of a suspect in the face with a silver collored pistol simply because the suspect said he was not from the town Csp James Nwafor said he came from.
3. I witnessed his hanging of an apprentice trader over the master's missing money and the boy broke his spinal cord and practically folded into two. The death was instant. The picture below shows the torture position called hanging.
My experience at the hell is quantum. James Nwafor is responsible for the Ezu River killings. Young Igbo youths were killed as Massob members and dumped at Ezu River.
THE painful development is that, The Nigerian bar association, Onitsha branch, in collaboration with a profit making contraption called human rights whatever, has concluded the arrangement to award Csp James Nwafor a gold human rights award tomorrow at Onitsha.
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