A Hit And Run Driver Killed A Woman in Anambra See What Happened Later

Rejoice george

A cyclist man from Anambra state in Orumba south local government area, who deals on poultry management products was said to be involved, by hitting a woman of earlier 40s of age at the scene of accident, it was recorded that the cyclist man, didn't show pity to stop and check if the woman obtained injury. The man who knocked the woman down ran away at once from the scene of the accident. The woman in question obtained alot of internal injuries that made her to gave up to ghost, as some good samaritians came asking for some id to enable them trace the owners of the corpse before taking her to the moutuary. Few days later the man who killed the woman went as usually to his normal business and personal activities, he never confinded to anybody what he did and how it all happened when he came back home, her wife served him with bathing water and food on his table, after refreshment he went to the table to have his meal, something terrible happened, the dead woman appeared and spoke to him angerily, flogging him mercilessly after which she disappeared. when his wife notice a strange behavior coming from his husband, he confronted him and yet the husband pretended as if nothing happened. 3days after the dead woman appeared again to the man while he was outside very close to his business premises and flogged him in the road as a good number of road users where watching the man closely during the incident, after the shocking incident the man was able to talk to people confessing that he knocked down a woman with his motorcycle and since then the woman has been appearing and disappearing with heavy flogging each time. she appeared. many of the people that knew him as a good man were speaking that this man is a humble man to live in the present problems of the road, some good number of people suggested that the man has to go to the native doctor at once to lock the spirit of the woman from attacking him henceforth, so he did as they suggested and everybody felt everything was fine now. After the incident the native doctor offered him some fetish charm and performed some cleansing and gave him hope that everything is done. 4days later the dead woman appeared again around 7:23am in the morning, when he was washing his motorcycle and flogged him again and he shouted but nobody could bearly hear him out until after a while he fell on the floor and died. immeditely there was a huge noise coming from the house floor so his wife and kids came outside and saw their father dead and they where all crying and weeping as some neighbours came to console them. His family took his corpse to the moutuary and fixed a date for his burial arrangements.

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