9 Ways Nigerian Pastors And Politicians Brainwash Nigerians

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Ever wonder why people cannot wake up from religions deceit and see through bad politicians. I don't want to start another fight about bad pastors and bad Muslim dude. But I am going to tell you how people get brainwashed. Anybody can be brainwashed.

It is called Lollapalooza effect. It is the last of the Cognitive Bias that Charlie Mugger talked about.

There are more than 180 cognitive biases. This is when the Lollapalooza Tendency Effect comes in- When someone is manipulated via one cognitive bias, the rational part of their brain can often win out over the cognitive bias. But for the untrained mind, 3+ cognitive biases is just so emotionally/evolutionarily persuasive that irrational behavior ensues.

For example, you might not know that when people are told to wear a uniform they are already being manipulated. Next time ask why?

This is how it works. When the brain is confronted with too many biases at the same time, it freeze and gives up. Basically, your brain gets subdued. But you think you are still in control, but that is no longer true.

That is why people pay lot more at an auction that they normally would for and item. That is also how young people join the cult.

This is how it works.

1) You come into the church and the pastor is dressed in white suite and stand in an auditorium higher than the rest of the church. Sometimes, he even have a very large chair and seat's much higher than the rest of the people. Why? Next time bring your own chair to the church and try to seat high and see what happens.

-- The Authority Effect

2) If you don't listen and do everything the religious leader say you will not get to heaven.

-- Reward and Punishment Super-Response Tendency .

3) Those who pay tithes get blessed..Testimonies of people already blessed by God.

--- Social Proof.

4) You can be suddenly called upon to introduce yourself in a new church You don’t want to be pondering decision trees when a tiger jumps at you.

---- Stress-influence tendency

5) Repetition of verses and shouting Amen. Memory decays quickly. This is brute force repetition. Read the bible every day. Pray without ceasing. Memorize a bible verse a day.

--- Use-it-or-Lose-it tendency.

6) Humans have a tendency to follow a leader. So they will follow a charismatic preacher blindly

--- Authority-Misinfluence Tendency.

7) If you keep talking long enough to people even illogical reasons can be just as persuasive as logical reasons. Don't question what you don't know because God works in mysterious ways. Mr. Lai Mohammad uses this a lot.

------ Reason-Respective Tendency.

cool Losing your Christian friends in your mind is more painful than gaining new non-Christian friends, so you stay in the church.

----- Deprival-Super reaction Tendency

9) A rational being start doing irrational things when exposed to multiple Cognitive biases at the same time. Within a religious, political, sport setting, when people get exposed to more than 20 cognitive biases at the same time. No matter how strong your will is, your brain will crumble, but the cool thing is you will still think you are in control. The majority of Africans have long lost control of their thoughts.

------ Lollapalooza Tendency Effect

So you think Buhari/APC are stupid? They might just be using the Lollapalooza effect on you. That is why you need to educate yourself.

The crazy thing is many of the people exposing others to these cognitive biases don't even know what they are doing. They just copied from others because they saw what work.
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