Why You Shouldn't Customize Your Facebook Name

You would have noticed that crazy trend now on Facebook for some years, in which some users intentionally register their names incorrectly or change, edit, and customize their Facebook names or IDs to look cool, posh or trendy.. whereby you would see a guy who was named Akinola Davis from birth and has this name on all his professional certifications and IDs, would be Harkinola Darviss on Facebook, and Sandra Smith would likely be Cuteberry Smith, although it seems harmless and just fun catching on the social media, but allow me to be a spoilsport this once (sorry please!) by saying that on the real sense of it..customizing your name on Facebook actually has its own disadvantages which you might find costly at the end of the day.. Let's get into it..
It could lose you a job : Do you know that customizing your name on Facebook could lose you a sweet deal or a job?
There have been cases of many job applicants whose applications letters have been reportedly thrown into the trash can because the Hiring Firms crosschecked the applicants contacts and their Social media profiles and because of the inconsistency, they were rejected. Nowadays Firms run background check on their prospective employees just to get little or no information about them, and your Facebook account is one of those things they use to judge your character, know things about you, your level of seriousness etc ,and it all starts from your Facebook ID.
Although not all Recruiting agencies or companies do this, but you don't want to take that chance of not getting your dream job, because of just a harmless Facebook customized name.. I will enjoin you to treat your Facebook Profile professionally like your LinkedIn profile.
The Idea behind Facebook itself : Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to be an avenue where people could connect with each other and most especially reunite people that have lost contacts. there are many of your colleagues and friends whom might have lost your contact details and would like to reach you, their main destination would be Facebook, where they d hoped to search your real name and hook up with you, now if you had spelt your name wrongly or changed your Facebook name, they might not be able to get to your account, then the purpose of having an account on Facebook would have been defeated..
A guy once shared a testimony on how his old time friend was able to link him for a job in his company. his story goes thus " my friend, who knew that I could do a certain task with ease then in the school days, remembered my name when the opportunity came up, But we have lost contacts then, he was able to get me tracked via my facebook. if I had used funny name like "horpheyemi, Holuwhathobi, Wizdaddy etc. what will have become of me"
For your friends, your loved ones, your colleagues to find you on Facebook with ease, Your Real Name is key.
It is not professional : Customizing your Facebook Name is not professional as it makes you look like (let's be frank) an unserious fellow who still has a lot to learn, it is not allowed and advisable in the corporate world and you could look bad to your prospective clients or partners If they checked your facebook profile,and your names are spelled wrongly.
It makes your Facebook Account looks phoney
: Having a customized or fake Name on your facebook profile makes your account appears fake and not trustworthy since cyber fraudsters who prowl social media especially Facebook creates fake accounts with a fake name to swindle and dupe the unsuspecting public.Having or operating a Fake Social media Profile is considered Illegal in many parts of the world and may carry big punishments.

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