The Differences between Nigerian Adsense And U.K Adsense,

go for Nigeria adsense account,
1. when you reach a threashold of $10 you are required to verify your pin , which will send to your address , its easier if you sate nigeria as your coontry address rather UK that will require you to use a third party website which will cost you money.
2 secondly there is no much risk between the the two provided you didnt violate their T/C
3. price : well price vary based on sellers, some sell a nigeria adsense as far high as 40k while a uk account start price is 20k ( tho i currently have a Nigeria adsense account already verified for 25k)
4. Benefit its easier to cash out with a Nigeria adsense directly to your local bank account .Uk account involves using payoneeer card

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