Former Herbalist Is Confronted, Renounces Fetish Practices, Surrenders To Jesus.

Before I joined the Lord's Chosen, I was of another religion and an herbalist for a long time. It was the Lord by his own design, that brought me to The Lord's Chosen. However, my wife is a Christian. I used to prepare charms for people. One day, my wife woke me up and started preaching the gospel to me. Later, she took me to her priest in one of the Orthodox churches in Okene. When I met this priest, he told me that I had greater power than him. He wanted to know more about my power, which I told him and he requested that I give him the same power. I concurred , prepared and gave it to him later. The charm I gave to him was in form of a handkerchief.
To prepare, that kind of charm for my clients, I would get an handkerchief, conjure an evil spirit inside it and then give it to them. They will tie it on their hands and cover it with their long sleeve shirts. During their ministration, if they touch or place the hand that has the handkerchief on anybody, such person would fall. Then, they would claim that the person had fallen under the anointing. That is how most of such ministers operate.

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