Ebonyi Apc: A Party In Disarray By Philip Nweze

Ebonyi Apc: A Party In Disarray By Philip Nweze

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There is a desperate political coalition in Ebonyi state now known as the All Progressive Congress (APC); whose stock in trade is insults, attacks and lack of decorum because the party and her members have nothing to offer the people of Ebonyi state except only a desperate plan to take over power at all costs.

Incase you are one of those contesting on the platform of APC in Ebonyi state, then be getting ready to sink your political career. That the APC is a sinking ship in Ebonyi state is a fact. The party doesn't have the edge in any aspect of politicking here in Ebonyi. They are bankrupt with human capital. They lack ideologies and a sense of direction. And most importantly, here in Ebonyi, their memberships do not make up to 10 per cent of the voting electorate.

The Eze Nwachukwu Eze led APC in Ebonyi state is a train wreck. A snapshot of the crises in the party today says it all. Leaders of the party have begun a running battle with each other. The mouse and cat game between the camps has continued unabated. The shameful somersault of decency and decorum is the order of the day. Right now, the party is bedeviled by thick internal wrangling, which is leading straight to implosion within its ranks. The handwriting on the wall portends political doom for the party in 2019. The party has constituted itself into an opposition to its members even more than the rival parties in the state. The APC boat in Ebonyi state is destined for the Red Sea. No more; no less. The party is shedding blood everyday and weakening seriously.

When I look at APC, all I see for the members is political careers truncated by a needless ego war in an organization that lacks basic foundation. Digging further into its membership profile reveals that Ebonyi APC is now a vacation spot for obsolete politicians. The party is just experimenting, and it will be hard for an experimenting party to win election in Nigeria. A party needs to have roots, solid foundation, contacts to win. Carpetting the governor on the social media daily and pummelling him with insults does not win election. Hiring cyber warriors and political illiterates to launch aggressive media war does not win elections. Tact and numbers rule the political terrain.

The party, which is barely five years old in Ebonyi state, has found it extremely difficult to halt the exit of key members in rapid succession to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, controlled by Engr David Umahi and also to resolve internal disputes within its local government chapters, which have festered for months. Common sense dictates the APC needs to reinforce and create a formidable opposition. But they can't. APC Ebonyi lacks the discipline to satisfactorily handle everyones personal interest within its fold, the level of conflict of interest is staggering.In fact, I see several factions of APC springing up before 2019 in the state.

The party has run into storm and there is no coming out of it. They have failed every litmus test. Its members are just kicking and screaming for nothing. With the Minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu in control of things, I don't see APC going anywhere.

There is no party in the history of Ebonyi State that has suffered so much disarray like the present All Progressive Congress, APC led by Onu.

At this pace the party should not expect anything good in 2019.

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