The Expiration Of Valentine Day Madness After Clash With Ash Wednesday

The Expiration Of Valentine Day Madness After Clash With Ash Wednesday
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The valentine day which is a religious feast for the celebration of love, all about giving out gift without expecting anything in return. the new generation young people which is said to be celebrating valentine day for lust,fornication and unwanted pregnancy. A lot of articles and wrireup was published in the internet for people to avoid sex and immoralities in the ash wednesday cum valentine day, based on analysis on the 2018 valentine day which clashed with ash wednesday on 14 Feb, 2018, is known to be the beginning of the lenting season, there were massive turn down on the celebration of the valentine day, shopping malls were found empty,lovers,girlfriends and boyfriends didn't go for luxury spending and celebration this year valentine's day. Before 2017, alot of ladies use to get pregnant on the valentine day, majority of the ladies is ready to move into relationship with any guy who spent money on her on the valentine day. This was hilarious occasion that emerge on valentine days, I call it "Valentine madness" because this is the period. when a lot of things go wrong in the society, guys go for robbery to steal in other to take their girlfriend to the highest shopping in town, but should i say I thankGod for the ash wednesday and valentine's day, date clashi or should I thankGod for the recession in the country Nigeria. Majority of ladies give out their virginity on valentine day, some first commited prostitution with their friends on valentine day and possibly
back with goodie bag from their petronizers, and never seize from prostitution but continued.
(Valentine's Day Date Should Keep Clashing With Ash Wednesday)

Igboanugo Samuel
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