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My Reply to Deputy Senate President Ekweremmadu Urging Civil servants to Join a Political Party.Breaking! Latestnews

Generally Nigeria as a country doesn't have a political party, how can a politician jump from one party to another, the reason is because there is no strategic measures guiding the party members to stick to a particular party, No penalties and policies guiding one to join and leave a political party instead the political parties are in to make money for their interest. There is no authentic political institutions in Nigeria, no adequate educational political body, so why should the youths be advised to pertake in political development. let me call to your notice that majority of Nigerians don't have the permanent voters card, there is no political education, so in this advancement the country most always have a bigger problems in the political sector and in time to come. Before Asking the civil servants to join the political party, their should be political education and not the inec officials coming in to exhibit their inexperience skills to the masses, The Senate should carve out an adhoc staffs that are well trained, who will train the youths in the political education across boards. Unfortunately the present political bigwigs has introduce a baised political system in our government, where by the old politicians are not making amendments for the young youths to join politics. The restructuring which is simply an amendment of constitution, should play a major role urging the senate and the politicians to amend the political education of youths for better tomorrow.
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