Internet Explodes Over Snake Swallowing 36 Million Saga - Igboanugo Chukwunonso

Internet Explodes Over Snake Swallowing 36 Million Saga
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The report Nigerian Media published, over a jamb staff philomena who said that snake swallowed millions of Naira at Jamb office in Benue, this reportage has kept Nigerians wondering. The Mockery and the news alone is mind boggling, does it mean Nigerians are incapable of handling issues like these to be reviewed time without numbers, instead the masses are reacting funny to issues like these, how can a joint admission and matriculation personnel wakeup one day and say "Snake Swallowed 36M" is the jamb staff mentally balanced or something? has she been bought over to cook up stories over the disappearances of the 36milion Naira? is she a qualified staff of joint admission and matriculation board? is she one those agents causing pandemonium in benue state? What are the security authorities doing about issues like these? where is our EFCC? Where is our Nigerian Army? where is our Nigerian police force? jamb as the indigenous educational body collectively admitting students to the tetiary institutions, a high profiled level of trust is imposed on this body, what is our federal government doing about this? Are they not concerned of the fraudulent report from jamb, how will the young children aspiring to get admitted to universities see this urgly report, what is the ASUU doing about this? this is not the time, ASUU voice is only heard when they are on strike, they have to say something, what are the NANS doing about this are they keeping quite? what are the Student Union doing about this reportage? the SUGs are they folding their arms too, this is the time to speak and act as aspiring and potential politicians, they say charity begins at home what have the student unions contributed to the educational growth of their country Nigeria, this the critical time to act and questions need to be asked to tackle such caricature coming from the indigenious educational body. I am very disappointed in jamb in diaspora and the reluctant graduates they have been admitting to the universities, this caricature simply reveal the level of change theory application in creating job for graduates without jobs in Nigeria, illustrating that directly or indirectly the jamb saga is mocking the Jamb produced graduates without jobs, what a message and some ignorant Nigerians are busy joking and making caricature of the whole drama and ignorance duo. listen well and good, this piece is directed to every Nigerians to address this jamb saga, the best we can to avoid this mess repeatedly.

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