How Commercial Banks Feed On Customers Bank Account To Pay Value Aided Tax (VAT)

How Commercial Banks Feed On Customers Bank Account To Pay Value Aided Tax (Vat)

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 When did commercial banks in Nigeria turnout to be tax collector, the commercial bank customers has raised alarm over the rate at which banks collect #5,000 to #1Naira, from their designated bank accounts. The customers lament over messages they receive from their banks ie happy valentine,happy
birthday and happy new year sms which they didn't opt in for while opening their accounts with the bank, the customers confirmed that each time they get these sms from their banks, that money is deducted. How can a christian lgbo customer in commercial bank, receive sms alert of happy Sallah day what does this christian customers has to do with Sallah day, which generally know to be celebrated by muslims, the customers is saying they dont need those messages. in a brief interview, the customers of diamond banks complained about deductions of the money in their bank account which has to be put to stop, they went furthur to write to the National Assembly to intervene, at this point. Via the interview, a banker with 8years banking experience speaks that majority of the customers dont read the papers of term and conditions issued to them during account registrations with the commercial banks, therefore the banks saw it as means feeding from the account of their customers to pay for there valued aided tax. Vat is calculated as the input invest in a venture subtracted by output the despised in the venture that is the vat they are supposed to pay to tax collectors, commercial banks should stop deducting money from customers to pay their taxes it is dubious.To all commercial banks customers visit your banks and complain to their customer service to opt out your account from receiving sms, your are advice not to call their customer care representatives, reason is that they dont have rights to lookup and manipulate your account details so as to reduce the rate at which money is deducted to your account. I think i have to drop my pen in this episode.

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