Fulani Herdsmen Destroy Farms Worth Millions

Fulani Herdsmen Destroy Farms Worth Millions

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This is really heartbreaking that carnage like this would be going on in the country while our president just sits down like a deaf frog and says nothing. Ortum is crying to the UN for help when our president went to the UN summit to challenge American Decision. American's finance the UN and how can they help out when this wicked old man has tarnished our relationship with the US becos of his devilish religious belief. e go join these arabs day protest US while the arabs dem day lick America yarsh. this deaf old man refused to protect the citizen that he presides. still this wicked man want to recontest in 2019.

the reason why people voted for him was because of the killings of boko haram. now this herdsmen are becoming worse than book haram. these are not herdsmen but muslims. none of the imam has come out to condemn this evil. they all keep quiet as if they have no conscience. the only reason they keep quiet is becos the boys are helping them to achieve their purpose. they are never at peace with people of other religions.

we day look this thing like say na herdsmen, call it what it is, this na Islamic acts. they want to dominate the world. when they see news like this they will all keep quiet like hypocrites but when person talk dem go come out come attack the person. they all read the news. they will never condemn it. we have al-Baghdadi we have the Hezbollah and IS all these are Islamic-backed ruthless killers.

look at these poor farmers, they are probably killed. no one can tell me that the government or any top muslim did not see this. they all saw wizkid win award but they will never see Christians dying.

I sorry for my Yoruba brothers because these people no even no the difference between Christians and Yoruba muslims. they kill everybody. the northerners no even consider Yoruba muslims as true muslims before.

these are not herdsmen, they are jihadist. that is how they have been raised. they were raise to kill infidels and unbelievers. our lives mean nmothing to them. No one is being anti-islam it is fighting for our lives. you are intolerant and you do not respect the religions of others. you believe you alone are true and the others should perish. hypocrites! how can illiterate herdsmen take over the country committing such crimes and our military is somewhere celebrating the defeat of book haram. we no see pictures of dead book haram but we are seeing disturbing images of innocent people killed. How can you defeat book haram without proof?

everyone should rise up before it is too late. all these pastor are sidelining these issues. people should know what comes next
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