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Meaning of Ogbanje
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Ogbanje is simply a co existence of a particular behaviour or spirits that seems not to be normal in the earthly world. some times Ogbanje looks spiritual but very abnormal, it might come in form of sickness as symptoms times without number and to break the Ogbanje power, one needs to go for a spiritual deliverance to be broken by a strong man of God. There are good and bad Ogbanje, in this episode of ogbanje article, we will talking about all kinds of Ogbanje family and they are;
1.Ogbanje Water: This type of Ogbanje, makes a human being to swin very well, this type of Ogbanje posses a human being to derive over joy from swimming.
2.Ogbanje Market: This type of Ogbanje makes a human being to alwyas fall in every business, no matter the amount of money you spend to invest in his life, these set of people are not interested in making more money, even when they have enough, it can be broken by deliverance and that person will do well in business.
3. Ogbanje Maddness: This kind of Ogbanje torments a beautiful lady, so bad in the public that she goes unclad in the public place like market place, and finally goes home by the night, to cook, eat, take her bath and sleep off. it seems to be curse and can be broken by delieverance.
4. Ogbanje Dance: this one makes some human being to dance perfectly, like never before it is a good Ogbanje, because it looks more like a gift.
5. Ogbanje Makeup: This a deadly spirit that posses young ladies through the sharing of makeups like lipstick and powder, which is regarded to be secret occult but very different.
6. Ogbanje Twins: This a Ogbanje dark power that affect twins, that they cannot seperate like every other humanbeing, some times it affect them from struggling to survive in life.
7. Ogbanje Plantations: This Ogbanje powers the one only a powerful person can see, they sometimes hide in plantations.
8. Ogbanje. Sweet & Chewing Gum: This another Ogbanje dark power that Nursery and primary school children are affected with in birthday celebration when they share sweet and chewing gums to posses childrens with dark powers.
9. Ogbanje. Prostitution: This is the Ogbanje spiritual dark power that makes a girl of 12. and above to sleep out with any men she likes, when there parents confront them or beats them, they go far to stay with these men for 1-2 years. it also posses our young ladies who have money in their bank account to sleep out in dubai to get money, no matter how small the money may be.
10. Ogbanje. Fruits: This is Ogbanje power that is not that bad, it is manily seen in villages where there are alot of fruits like Mango,Cashew,Orange and Apple, they conspire there to discuss every free period.
11. Ogbanje Life & Death: This are the Ogbanje dark and frustrating power that affects parents excepting a child, for that child to always die and return back through pregnancy and birth to bring shame for the couples.
12. Ogbanje Stealing: This is a bad Ogbanje power that serially torment a child that dosent belong to the lineage of stealing, but properties are no where to be found once he/she is around, it is a shameful part of Ogbanje.
13, Ogbanje Badluck: This is the unfortunate. Ogbanje power that everyone one should pray not to have, it bring badluck to a human being in all activities of life, that place people go and survive if he/she goes there the story changes.There are still other Ogbanje family which will be discussed another time.
(How to identify Ogbanje)
Ogbanje easily affect small children, any child without Ogbanje is survived only by the lord jesus christ, Ogbanje grown up child always complains of BEING AFRAID. This are signs that reveals if your child is Ogbanje, another sign is that most of them always fall sick when you try to force or stop them from abnormalities. They also see the spirits that are guiding them, which they are not suppose to see ordinarily , these are signs that will prove to you that these person is Ogbanje.
How to Prevent Ogbanje
1. Always bring your children to the lord to avoid deities.
2. Pray for your children without seize.
3. Baptize them in the church and confirm them to be the part of Christ Jesus.
4. Warn your children not to eat from any sacrifices placed along the road.
5.The bibles said; train up your child the way he should grow and when he grows, he will not depart from it. (Proverb 22v6). So you as a parent have a role to play for your child to abstain from Ogbanje dark power.
6. Never You consult any dark powers in search of solutions to your immediate problems, reason is that most solution are Ogbanje and re percaution awaits you.

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