Borrowing is it Good or Bad ? Why People Borrow And Never Return

Borrowing is simply the act of lending valuables to people to be returned in no distance time. borrowing has not been of any advantage, there is adage that says 'people who goes about borrowing goes about sorrowing'.

People who goes about borrowing are said to be greedy, and people who leave a fake life, pretending that all is well, while it is not. human being is of unending needs,understanding that human wants is insatiable has revealed why you should avoid borrowing.

There uncountable report and analysis that people in the 21st century who borrowed valuables, finds it difficult to return these properties. ln this episode of my article l will be revealing to you, why some people believe so much that they can't do anything well, without being a party of borrowing.

Spirit of borrowing is bad influence that a particular group of people believes, to be the way out. it is in record that one cannot have everything as a result of hard times, but one need to be disciplined understanding that all hands are not equal, perhaps one need to cut his shirt according to his size.

I that case i reveal to you why Borrowing is Bad, why you have to abstain from it.

1. borrowing makes one loose his respect, understanding that borrowing will drag down your reputation.

2. borrowing makes one loose real friends, understanding these is a big deal because majority of people have lost communications with best friends because they lend money to them in the past and probably things didn't work fine.

3. borrowing is a curse that posses you to land into problems you don't know how it come about let me give you a scenario, Adamma borrowed a gold necklace worth Millions of naira from a beauty queen and got it stolen in a public transport, because she borrowed that necklace she cannot open up to the beauty queen that it got stolen, maybe the money she would have used (for something else will be used to replace the necklace.

4. borrowing makes you loose valuable assets because you want to keep the secret that you lend certain property to a colleague in office, he would want to keep it and pretend nothing happened between the both of you guys, and when he or she is confronted he will deny adamantly, most parents don't tell their children because they feel they are too tender, that you lend a particular property to a friend or anybody, if your family is not aware you made away with a property, such borrowed property cannot be claimed.

5. borrowing causes economic shame, in the process of avoiding people to know that you are worthless, you will land into borrowing collecting properties you cannot afford to buy in the market.

6. Act of borrowing doesn't seems to help the economy, in Nigeria 2016 the ponzi scheme ie MMM etc was a borrowing platform which never helped the financial situation of the masses but caused sudcide and increased sick patients in the hospital all as a result of one act borrowing.

DOs and DONTs if you must Lend Any Property or valuable.

1. Don't borrow properties that you cannot do without or let go.

2. When a friend approach you to borrow any valuable, help them with what you can, instead of lending them that only property you have.

3. Obtain an Agreement that provides information, that you borrowed someone a particular valuable willing to return on a particular date, with names, witness details and signature.

4. Take pictures to prove evidence of borrowing of a particular property like; land, house,car etc.

5. Advocate for a family meeting to give a detailed information, that you borrow a property to someone in case of death or criss.
in conclusion, with enough facts and effects proves that borrowing is not substantiable means of survival but in case of any form of borrowing please return it back, it is a sin and the forgiveness is restitution which is returning that property back to the owner, please as you read these piece check your house, your office or workplace and yourselves and return any borrowed property.

(Written by Publisher: lgboanugo Chulwunonso Samuel)

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