Tekno Shares New Photo With Drake

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Lol! Sorry for the title but I feel that’s what is happening,his intentions says it all,following the feud and clash in Dubai,Davido calling out to Tekno on social media saying that he got his back and now this?? Its all summing up to some kind of measurement scale, like if Wizkid can dine with International stars why can’t I?

Here we go again is Tekno sharing a black and white photo of himself with drake on Instagram,I am sure you are thinking what I am thinking…

Drake Signs Tekno To OVO Record Label? Drake Shares Photo Of Tekno In His Studio

Few days back, Tekno shared a video of himself partying with Canadian Rapper, Drake.

The “Pana” star scored a front row seat to watch Drake’s performance at a special event at the famous Art Basel in Miami on Friday, December 8.

..and shortly after the event, Tekno shared a video with Drake, with the caption: “Brotherly love”.

Now, there are rumors that Drake just signed Tekno to his OVO record label, and the screenshots below, might just have helped in fueling the rumors more.

Drake and Tekno are following each other on Instagram…. and just about 50 minutes ago, Drake shared a picture of Tekno in his studio on his Instastory!


See them below;

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