Peace Mass Bus Somersaults In Abakiliki, Ebonyi (Photos)

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A young man identified as Jude Chukwuemeka Icon is filled with joy after surviving a motor accident in Ebonyi state. According to him, he and his sister were travelling back from Ebonyi state university before their bus had an accident and somersaulted mulitple times as they landed in a bush along a road in Abakaliki, the state capital.

He and other passengers came out of the crash alive without even a single injury.

Testifier Wrote on:  Facebook Timeline

The devil proved to me that he is a liar with the following point of mine:

Coming back from EBSU, along Abakaliki in ebonyi state road our bus (Peace Mass to be precise) had an accident and somersaulted. But our God was #ABLE. None was wounded nor died including the driver. I and my sister in that bus were #ALIVE.


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