OAU Student Drag Racing on Xmas Day Dies In Horrible Crash (Pics)

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Remember late Paul Walker, one stars of the mega franchise Fast & Furious ? He passed away in a most horrendous manner. Eye witnesses say the vehicle he died in was speeding before it crashed into a lamp post and burst into flames that completely incinerated him and his companion. 

Why am I making this morbid reference? Simple reason: speed kills, and is still killing. 

A Nigerian Tweeter @chukaobi shared a terrible eyewitness account of the dangers of speeding. In this case, the people involved were drag racing at the midnight hour. Were they intoxicated? High on adrenaline? 

One explanation is the victim was member of a race team, and was even going to participate in a big event next year, so perhaps he saw the midnight hour as a time to showcase his skills.
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