NOTICE: 6 Months Tax Amnesty Period Ends in March 2018 (See details)

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 Joint Tax Board i.e. a collaboration between the FIRS & State Tax Boards is currently on a drive to ensure that EVERYONE pays their taxes. BVNs are being linked with Corporate entities and even CAC is teaming up with them, and it will soon be impossible to hide from the tax man.
This is particularly important for those of us who are running businesses and have not been up-to-date with our regulatory obligations, especially if the business is registered.
There is a 9-month tax amnesty in place where you can go in and harmonize your taxes without penalty. 6 months are gone and the amnesty period ends in March 2018.
I just found out and I'm wondering why this hasn't gone viral, as I am aware that most small businesses are guilty of incomplete tax and other regulatory compliance.
Check out https://­

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