Nigerian Society The Cause Of Female Domestic Violence On Men

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Recently in Nigeria, the reverse has been the case for domestic violence. Men are the victims in domestic violence probably because the Nigerian society have made the environment more conducive for them to perpetrate barbaric act on their male partners and go scoot free.

On the 23th February 2017, An Ikeja Division of the Lagos High Court sentenced a man, Sulaiman Olalekan, to death by hanging for the murder of his wife, Chika Egbo, on November 20, 2012, in a case of domestic violence. and on Monday 27 November, the same federal high court in Oyo state sentenced a woman Yewande Oyediran to 7 years imprisonment for stabbing her husband Lowo to death.

Now compare this judgement!

recently a son of a former PDP chairman was stabbed to death by her wife because the husband had plans of marrying another wife which is in line with Islamic teachings that one can marry up to four wives if capable. but what surprises me is that i am yet to see any of these sycophantic human rights lawyers or activists stage a campaign against domestic violence on women. They are no where to be found when barbaric acts like this are committed by women.

Yesterday, in Calabar, a female bathed her male colleague with hot water mix with pepper due to a certain argument.

What baffles me here is that our so-called human rights activist and lawyers are always mute on matters like this why?

The single mother and divorced female human rights lawyers are no where to be found. Tell me why more women will not think of killing their husband because they know very well that the law will be very light on them. Imagine the husband killer woman who was sentenced to seven years (that 3 years and 6 months), she had no child for the man, that means she will come out and start a fresh marital life while the innocent man is gone.
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