Modern Day Slavery In The Hands Of The Chinese Pt2

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I read Last week about the maltreatment on Nigerians working in a factory (INNER GALAXY STEEL COMPANY ABA) at Umuahala, Ukwa West LGA of Abia State...i have decided to go and do investigate journalism since non of our media houses found it fit to go there and find out what is happening there and here are my findings, the said company should not have been giving permit to operate in Nigeria, we have over 200 Chinese working there non where injured for one one, the only ppl on their injury list are Nigerians, Racist, Maltreatment , assault, intimidation, brutality and all sorts of inhuman treatment are the other of the day there.
The architect of these inhuman treatment on Nigerians are: M r Bob PRO dept, Mr Zeng A.K.A Jacky HR/ADMIN dept, they sent Nigeria Soldiers to beat up and abuse Nigerians at will, they stop all kinds of medical and food supply to those injured workers in the Hospital, One KALU FRANCIS is still critically ill with various degrees of burnt in a hospital in Portharcourt (SAVE A LIFE HOSPITAL) by Stadium rd at the Airforce bus stop Portharcourt Rivers State.

Fellow Nigerians our youths are dying , our country has been taken over by the Racist Chinese...... you need to go there and found out things your self no basic amenities for those working there, the suggestions of the blacks there are not taken even if it's the best suggestion, once you are a black you will be relegated to an ordinary person no matter your qualifications and experience .......Nigeria Government come to their aid, Human Right Lawyers Come to their aid......

Another pictures to back up the claims , where soldiers beat up working by the instructions of the Chinese namely : Mr Bob of PRO dept. and Mr Jacky of HR /ADMIN dept.

The first picture is that of Mr Jacky (the Chinese Evil Man who is behind all these bad things).

Followed by those brutalized by soldiers at their beck and call.

Followed by an injured worker

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