Lady Confess!! How I Had Sex With My Yoruba Teacher

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Back then around 2008 , I was only sixteen years old and have never imagine myself having sex with anyone not to talk of somebody who is far older than me. Inasmuch as it was my uncle's idea that i should come over to lagos to finish my S/school. Well to cut the story short. My Yoruba teacher back when I was SS3 in high school. She was always very attractive to me and she had me help her out with her register since I wasn't
doing anything that particular day apart from reading which we were ask to do.

So I helped her out the rest of the day. After the school was over I went over to her desk where she was I think busy marking some paper but wasn't sitting down just bending over her chair and she was wearing a low cut blue top and as I walked up I could clearly see down her shirt to her nice white bra.
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