Wedding: No Wedding Gown, No Cake, Rice, Wine, Chicken, Soft Drinks (Photo)

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Let Weddings Be Done With In Our Power
And yesterday I had an awesome experience at Church, a couple got married during church service. No wedding gown, no Cake, rice, wine, chicken, soft drinks or chinchin.... We drank Kunu zaki, ate doughnut and licked sweets. Yet the atmosphere was filled with joy and happiness, we praised God and danced With all excitement. The bride was even more excited than the groom and I saw her as the strongest among the two.
The lessons learnt are as follows:
1. Tell yourself the truth.
2. Cut your coat according to your shirt
3. Do not compare yourself with others; weddings are not competitions.
4. Ladies let's be like today's bride; lets be understanding; we should be contented with the love and efforts of our men and not push them into debt.
5. Most young men are not married today, not because they cannot afford to provide the woman with her day to day upkeep but because they cannot afford a wedding.
6. A simple wedding like this is far more honourable than 'zo mu zauna'.
7. Let us stop this wedding ceremony palavas and make life easy for ourselves.
P.S: I am not against glamorous weddings; all I say is let all be done within our power. #selah#
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