This are the top 5 illegal businesses Nigerians are into

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Nigeria has a history of having financial issues causing significant unemployment and poverty. It is estimated that roughly 30 million Nigerians live unemployed and wallowing in poverty. This high level of poverty and unemployment has led many into illegal businesses just to make ends meet.

This are the top 5 illegal businesses Nigerians are into.

* Internet Scam: This is the fastest growing illegal business in Nigeria and 2 out of every 5 Nigerian youth(both male and female) between the age of 18 to 35 are into this shrewd business. This set of people are popularly called 'Yahoo boys' in Nigeria. They impersonate people either inside or outside Nigeria(mostly U.S Soldiers), claiming a false location to swindle unsuspecting people of their money and material possessions. Women are also getting into this scamming business too and their population is growing by the day. More than 20 million Nigerian youths are currently into this illegal business.

* Hacking : What this set of people do is slightly different from what regular hackers do. They are popularly known as "wire wire" in Nigeria. In the circle of Yahoo boys, they are top of the food chain. This set of people though are also in the internet fraudster's circle, but perform different function. They are responsible for illegal bank credits into unsuspecting target accounts especially in U.S only to be transferred to Nigeria. They are also responsible for cloning multinational companies website and social media handle to hijack business transactions among a host of others.

* Oil Vandalism: This illegal business is as old as the commercialization of crude oil in Nigeria itself. Oil Vandals illegally tap into Nigeria's refined oil pipelines or unrefined ones in abandoned oil wells only to sell them to the public or smuggling it out of the country to sell to interested international buyers. Some Nigerian billionaires and top notch political office holders are still involved in this illegal business. In 2015, it was estimated that Nigeria is losing almost 200,000 barrels of crude oil to oil vandals costing Nigeria trillions of Naira yearly. Due to more secured waterways and more guarded oil pipelines, this business is not as rampant as before but it is still one of the top illegal business Nigerians do.

* Drug Peddling: From Marijuana to Cocaine to Crystal-Meth, You will find it in on the street Nigeria cities. Hard drugs is wildly abuse in Nigeria and this is making the pocket of drug barons fatter thereby making the business more enticing to people. Atleast 10 drug smugglers are on a daily bases nipped at Nigerian airports and many more on Nigerian roads. Nigeria is also one of the top ten exporter of hard drugs in the world. This illegal business is also one of the popular business in Nigeria.

* Human Trafficking : This is one of the illegal business that is rampant in Nigeria and vulnerable and impoverished boys and girls and women are the target of this busuness. Nigeria was claimed to be one of the leading African countries in human trafficking with cross-border and internal trafficking. Trafficked Nigerian women and children are recruited from rural areas within the country's borders – women and girls for involuntary domestic servitude and sexual exploitation, and boys for forced labor in street vending, domestic servitude, mining, and begging. Nigerian in Italy, Spain, Saudi who are victims of human traffickers are mostly prostitutes in this countries making more money for their traffickers than themselves. Those in this business make big bucks at the expense of this vulnerable people sold into modern slavery. This is also one of the illegal business in Nigeria that is rampant.
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