Supporters Of PDP Elders & Representative Clash In Akwa Ibom (Graphic Photos)

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Emmanuel Enoidem's supporters attempted to stop the Emmanuel Ekon ans his supporters from attending the PDP flag off yesterday November 20th 2017 and it resulted in a physical combat.

Sir Emem Akpabio, Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem, Obong Paul Ekpo, Hon. Aniekan Umanah and many others were present but non of them could stop their supporters from fighting the Emmanuel Ekon's supporters but rather, they all smiled.

Today, November 21th 2017, I've been told that the supporters of Emmanuel Ekon retaliated during the ward tour at Emmanuel Ekon's ward and the police officers of Emmanuel Enoidem fired several shots and struck down some supporters of Emmanuel Ekon.

If i may ask:

Dear Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem, why would start a war at a place you don't live in?

Why do you secure your self with mobile police officers and left your supporters unsecure?

If you claim that the people of Etim Ekpo rejected Emmanuel Ekon, how come non of the PDP elders did reject the action of the the supporters of Emmanuel Enoidem?

No body has the monopoly violence and what you do to others, othets will do more to you and as your people supporters were booing the Emmanuel Ekon, the supporters of Emmanuel Ekon will boo at Emmanuel Enoidem soon.

How can a PDP SA to the PDP governor be taking off his shirt to fight the PDP supporters of the PDP current house of representative?

Dear Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem, your supporters have bitten more than what they can chew and this will definitely affect your ambition and the PDP as a whole.

Dear Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem, i esteemed you
higher than what i thought though hoping for you to make some changes.

I hope the opposition parties can step into Etim Ekpo and take the due advantage since the PDP elders fighting to be th god'.

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