Stoppage Of Female Cadets Admission: Is There Truly One Nigeria?

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Stoppage Of Female Cadets Admission: Is There Truly One Nigeria?
Stoppage of the Admission of Female Cadets, another reason to doubt "One Nigeria"

While we are still looking at slightest of chances to prove ourselves wrong that one Nigeria is a fallacy, the Northern mafias released another crude and hegemonic policy, stoppage of admission of female cadets into Nigerian Army.

The Nigerian state looks like it is heading for apartheid jungle.

Without regard to the right of Females from Southern part of the country to participate in the all combat actions of the army, the Nigerian Army has issued an order stopping the admission of Female Combat Cadets because Northern leaders complained.

Northern leaders and politicians threatened fire and hell because they said "Our males from the North cannot take orders from Infidels from anywhere" (apparently referring to the South)

Because of the conservative nature, history and culture of Northern Nigeria, our females from Southern Nigerian are now denied their right to serve their fatherland.

Begging questions have been left unanswered.

Who set the conditions for admission of military cadets? Northern Nigeria or the Army Council?

Why should the beliefs of Northern part of the country affect the chances of Southern Females?

Must we always please the Northern Hegemonic Class at the expense of the South?

If the north don't want their female children at the cadet camp, they can simply tell their daughters not to apply for cadet positions.

The Nigerian Army has proved consistently that it is a Northern Fort for oppressing helpless Southerners.

We have tolerated the sitting of almost all strategic military installations in the North all these while, now another insult has been thrown on our face.

Why should the North be the one to dictate the terms of operations of the Army that is supposed to be impartial?

We have not forgotten how Southern heroes of the civil war were edged out of the army or incapacitated.
The Colonel Iluyomades who stopped Biafra at Ore were discarded while a Muritala Muhammad who didn't see action at the Ore front took the praises.

We have not forgotten how Brigadier General Adekunle aka Black Scorpion who led the first modern amphibious landing in Africa war history was unceremoniously retired from the army.

We have not forgotten how General Ransome Kuti was demoted and imprisoned because Book Haram overran Bama while Northern Generals who ran away from Lake Chad villages were promoted.

Our Senators and governors from the South that are supposed to raise questions and demand the stoppage of such quite demeaning practices are busy globetrotting.

Is the Nigerian Army now the Northern Army??

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