Phantom 8 Specification and Price

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like with every other smartphone, the first thing you’d do when you get the Phantom 8 is to power on the device — which takes about 29 seconds and this places the Phantom 8 in the 4th position on the boot test leaderboard.


The next thing you’d probably do is to unlock the device and it would interest you to note that the fingerprint sensor on the Phantom 8 is incredibly fast and accurate, just a tap unlocks the phone:

You can also use the sensor to take a picture and accept calls.


With the device unlocked, you are fully able to see the 5.7 FHD display.

The screen is not an OLED display, so you are not getting the super rich and vibrant colors specifically in the reds and blues.

But, overall, the Phantom 8’s screen is still a pleasure to look at, plus, sunlight visibility is quite good.


The next thing you’d get to experience is the UI, which isn’t stock Android because Tecno used the latest HiOS — HiOS 3.0

The overall experience is a two-way thing —HiOS 3.0 right now:

If you do like it, you can further tweak the option by choosing between the single launcher — which places all the apps on the home screen:

Or the Standard launcher — this comes with an app drawer.

On the bloatware side of things, the Phantom 8 comes with a couple of them like, Recharge King, to name a few

All of which can be uninstalled to save storage.


Speaking of storage, the Phantom 8’s UI and Android’s OS has used up about 24% of the 64GB storage, so you only have about 48GB left, but there is the MicroSD card option.


For the Music lovers out there, Tecno is offering the Boom Play as the default music player, although you still have Google Play Music.

The audio quality on this thing is good, not overly loud, but it sure has a nice bass effect to it.


There are no issues with the call quality on this device.

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