#Mugabe Funny Picture That is Going Viral on Social Media

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ROBERT MUGABE is gone but not forgotten.

While people in Hillbrow, Joburg were dancing in celebration of the former president of Zimbabwe’s resignation on Tuesday, memes and comments flooded social media.

One Facebook user wrote: “Mugabe is everywhere.

“I switch on my TV, it’s Mugabe. I switch on my radio, it’s still Mugabe!”

The celebrations in parts of Joburg brought traffic to a standstill.

“I couldn’t drive into my yard,” said resident Lawrence Mpofu.

“As I drove towards my apartment, I saw and heard people chanting and dancing.

“The police were present but the crowd was just uncontrollable.”

Users of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms immediately started posting memes.

One photo portrayed Mugabe as a baby being carried on his wife’s back, while another depicted him with a travel bag under his arm.

The most telling of all was a picture of a phone with a WhatsApp message that read: “Robert Mugabe left the group.”
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