Lady Tortures 12-Year-Old Cousin With Hot Knife For Stealing N50

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From stabbing their partners, to ruining their homes, and locking up their maids before travelling... Another Jezebel reportedly tortured and disfigured her 12-year-old cousin's body because she stole 'N50'.

The 12-year-old helpless girl is currently in the hospital, suffering from the injuries she sustained from a hot knife which was used on her by her cousin, Bose Ola, on Saturday.

According to LIB, on the day of the incident, Bose had accused Muyiba of stealing 'N50'.

The helpless 12-year-old girl denied the allegation but later confessed she took the money to buy biscuit and water because she was starving.

The 12-year-old who was only identified as Muyiba, was brought to Lagos to reside with Bose, her second cousin so she can further her education.

Muyiba who spoke through an interpreter from her sick-bed said:

“I saw N50 in the sitting room and I took it, not knowing that it belonged to Aunty Bose.

"Later in the day, when she asked about the N50, I denied seeing it, but when she said she was going to punish me, I told her the truth and apologised that it won’t happen again.

"I thought that the matter was over because she had accepted my apology. But she asked me to pull off my dress including my panties. I obeyed. She ordered me to lie on the chair. She brought out a cane, belt and stick for turning garri.

"She called Brother Rafiu (her husband’s younger brother) to assist her and they descended on me. After that, she lighted the stove and heated a kitchen knife and started to use it to sear my body.”

The helpless 12-year-old fainted in the course of the torture and was rushed to the hospital where doctors revived her.

The inhuman treatment was reported to the police by neighbours who witnessed all that happened.

The police wanted to handle the matter with levity, but for the intervention of the Crime Victims Foundation of Nigeria (CRIVON), Gbagada, Lagos, which led to the arrest of Bose and her subsequent arraignment at the Ejigbo Magistrate Court on one count charge of child abuse.
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