How I Enter One Chance From Fagba Iju Shaga

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How I Enter One Chance From Fagba Iju Shaga 
Felt I should let people learn from my experience.
I work on island victoria island Oniru and also come from mainland iju shaga fagba everyday
So it happens .
I always woke up by 4am with the help of my alarm , bath finish dressing up and step out exactly 4:45am every day , from my house to the main road is just 15min walk , so I get to the junction exactly
But on this unfortunate day , to my surprise I woke up 4:30 �, and I was like what happen to my alarm � why did I woke up late ... anyways I rushed up to the bath room dressed up and stepped out at 4:55am .
Lucky me I saw a bike � board it to the junction and eventually got to the junction of zenith back at 5:am from there I use to see Eko hotel from that junction at rate if 250#, to cut it short I rushed and entered a Siena bus that stop by ,
Already there were 4 men at the back seat so I just enter to the middle last seat hoping they will carry one more passenger . 2in front 4 at the back with me making 5 at the back seat .
After 5min I started feeling uncomfortable � then I realized have enter one chance , I kept calm and started observing, after a while they started looking at each other face and also looking at me ,
Allof a sudden they loud the radio to the highest volume . That’s when I started praying � deep inside me that God just save me from this .
Next thing happened so fast , they hit me hard both in the face eyes and side , before I know it an already folded down on the floor screening and yet they continue beating me and strangle me almost to death but I wasn’t struggling but almost blank at that moment.
Next thing I heard one said let’s HIT him with this and they hit me with something I don’t know but I am still begging for them to leave me .
They they stopped . They Took my iPhone 6 power bank my ATM and 7k cash I have from me .
Then they ask were am I heading to .. told them am going to work ., then all of a sudden the one in front told them let’s allow this one to go !! Drop this boy jor and they stop return all my property except they took the little money I have and also gave me 1k out of it , gave me my phone my atm everything back to me .. after dropping me one said dupe lowo ori e.... that was how it happens . Please people don’t ever enter private cars of who you don’t know for no reason ..

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