5 Most Effective Ways To Boost Your Tech Skill

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1. Read online tutorials
Firstly, learn how to use Google to your advantage. It’s important to learn how to correctly pose a question for search and how to use Google to find good-detailed tutorials online. Besides online tutorials are accessible, timely, and of course free compared to books, though the only disadvantage is that they usually aren’t professionally edited, which can leave them lacking in completeness and/or clarity. However, they often sport other features like abundant interlinking, user comments, and infographics Sometimes the comments are better than the original information, since they can contain lots of additional tips and suggestions.

2. Surround yourself with tech geeks

Spend enough time with people who are technically more advanced than you are, at lease everyone is a learner at some point in doing so their knowledge will rub off on you. Even geeks learn from other geeks, but if you aren’t much of a geek yourself, alternatively a great way to accelerate the development of your technical skills is to join an online forum of a chosen field.

Once you join a computer forum or other geek-ridden association, volunteering is a great way to make fast friends. These nonprofit associations are frequently in need of volunteers for committee and project work; even if your technical skills are weak, they often just need raw manpower. Once you start interacting with tech-professionals you will earn much knowledge about the real-times cases problems faced in the industry.

3. Learn programming language

Programming is the art of instructing a computer to perform specific task. The key to accomplishing this feat is learning to think like a computer first. Programming is one of the most mentally challenging tasks a human being can perform, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of engineering a piece of code to solve a specific problem. Ask any programmer. �

As a beginner there are bunch of languages you can learn to program depending on your focus.

Places You Can Learn Programming

Codecademy is a good source with many lessons on HTML & CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, and PHP. The advantage of this online academy is a variety of courses by their topic, knowledge level, and their free online accessibility.
Udacity is a site with free (and paid) college courses on web development, software engineering and more. The huge benefit of this kind of learning resource is the verified certificate you can get – this is more than just an online video, or eBook that you download somewhere on the web.

While humans certainly aren’t as precise or predictable as machines — we have major compatibility issues, sometimes even with ourselves — a programmer’s mindset can generate effective solutions to very human problems. Intuition is a big factor in both personal development and programming, but I like that there’s a structured fallback process that works in both fields. It’s much harder to use this process in personal development though because we know how a computer thinks, but we’re still figuring out how humans think.

4. Create your own web site

Setting a goal to create a basic web site is a great way to learn practical skills like HTML and CSS. When you have a compelling reason to learn, your goals will accelerate your learning, and you’ll learn with a focus on practical application.

With a website, you have the freedom to post nearly anything you want. Being able to do anything and experiment with tools on the website is a great way of learning. You can also use the website to learn whatever you’ve read from online tutorials.

5. Look for Shortcuts

One of the best ways to be tech savvy is to look for shortcuts for everything. It can be as simple as using a keyboard shortcut to open a program or installing software to help you work faster. If you get really good, maybe you can even write your own program that will help you and your coworkers be more productive.
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