2017 Eri Festival (Olili Obibia Eri) In Pictures

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2017 Eri Festival (Olili Obibia Eri) In Pictures\

The Eri festival / Olili-Obibia-Eri is an Ancient festival celebrated by Eri Kings.

This remarkable festival has been observed from the ancient times on the 8th native/Igbo month of the year, onwa-isato, in memory of Eri’s journey and subsequent settlement in Igbo land.

His Majesty, Eze Chukwuemeka Eri (Ezeora 34th/Eze Aka Ji Ofo Igbo) host the 2017 Eri Festival as African American's with Igbo ancestry arrive Nigeria to participate in this ancient Igbo festival.

PHOTO (1) - African Americans arriving Nigeria via Enugu Airport enroute to Anambra

Celebration of the time and arrival of Eri, the progenitor of Igbo race through Omambala river into Igboland.

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